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Sovereign Revenue Trust Entity® Services

The Sagesse Platform for Entrepreneurial Innovation offers business consultation services regarding the raising of funds through the Sovereign Revenue Trust Entity® or SRTE®, a standardized and legally binding unique entity that enables the capitalization of start-ups, and early stage companies or mezzanine funding. Business services are also offered, namely, assisting the owners of intellectual property and intangible assets to benefit from finding investors that are interested in participating in an alternative to venture capital, through this new entity, the SRTE® structure. The SRTE® can be licensed in conjunction with current VC models as an adjunct to current their VC offerings, or separately, to enable a broader choice for inventors regarding their funding options.


Sagesse offers the SRTE® funding services to emerging and start-up companies by providing this investment instrument for financial management of its resources, namely by providing financing service tools for investors in and management of start-ups and early stage companies or mezzanine funding. Investment services include, asset consultation, development and management, financial asset management and financial consultation regarding the raising of funds through its specialized and unique agreements for the purpose of capitalizing start-ups, and early stage companies or mezzanine funding.


The existence of the SRTE® offers a choice for Inventors, where they no longer must sell their company to provide an exit for investors in order to receive initial start-up capital. The SRTE® enables more freedom for inventors to make choices for their companies based on what is most appropriate and in the highest interest for their company; in other words to stay private, or even one day be acquired. But their hand is no longer forced, simply because they need some funding to get started.

Business Meeting

SEC Regulations

Although the SRTE® does not sell shares of any company, but rather enables a share in the revenue stream of private companies, all SEC Regulation D rules and regulations will be abided by regarding SRTE® investors, including full risk disclosures typical of any high risk start-up investment.

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