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A New Vision

What a New Perspective Does:
Rebalancing Inventors and Investors
By honoring the Creator

It is a moment of unprecedented crossroads in human history regarding human population, water scarcity, food scarcity and contamination, climate challenges, and terrorism. This represents endless opportunities for new solutions and a new vision. We need to bring all of humanity’s intelligence and creativity to bear. 


New technologies are coming forth that will enable greater human evolution, freedom and independence.  

However,  these inventors currently have to play by an old system that does not always serve them.


Our creators and  inventors merit a new approach, and new investment tools are needed to mirror this transition. We need to protect our Creators first.

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Novelty of the SRTE®  Approach

The Sovereign Revenue Trust Entity® or SRTE® is a new, patent-pending financial tool that represents a subtle yet deeply significant paradigm shift regarding our priorities surrounding creation.


It was conceived from an entirely different perspective and value system regarding how entrepreneurial funding and innovation can be achieved. This new lens delivers a different type of solution with significant long-term implications that will realign and support our Creators in an effort to quickly bring forth the solutions this planet and all life on it so critically needs.


A different intention leads to different actions that will lead to different outcomes for inventors, investors, companies. The SRTE® platform will enable all stakeholders to mutually benefit in a new standardized way, while propelling the entire creation and entrepreneurial world into a whole new paradigm.

Over time, the implementation of the SRTE® as an alternative to the VC model can lead to greater global security and more balanced power dynamics between all parties, from the micro (inventor/investor, company), macro (national) and meta (global) perspectives, with significant implications for global economic stability.


Quantum law clearly demonstrates through the works of Young and Piccaluga, among others, that intention and conscious awareness dramatically impact the outcome of any said endeavor or creation. New technologies that prove the truth of this understanding are about to become part of our daily lives. Therefore, how we fund these new technologies becomes critically important, and needs to be aligned through similar values and similar resonance. The resonance of scarcity, fear and greed reflected in our current financial systems can simply no longer interfere with these higher-level inventions.


The SRTE® was created from an intention to honor and respect inventors as its priority. Coupled with its private  blockchain to ensure greater trust and transparency for all stakeholders, the SRTE® is offered as a powerful foundational component towards this end, while honoring quantum principals at its core. 


Sagesse of Creation

There is the sacredness of creation…that must be honored 

         with reverence and respect.


Manifested through the expression of…..

          all Life on this planet

                      all Creation on this planet

                                and through our Inventors and Visionaries who bring these new creations                                                      through the vessels of their hearts, minds and                                                                                                                  souls….


When one looks at the cosmos and is awed and moved by its exquisite beauty,

      one understands that there exists a Divine order

           that was not created to be destroyed, exploited or profited from, but to be revered,                                          treasured, and engaged through mutual respect.


 The current VC financial model does not honor sacred creation

       The VC model instead is one of a different intent, and it does have its place.

            For those inventors and investors who are interested in simply selling their                                               company as fast as possible, for as much money as possible, the VC model                                                 works brilliantly, and there is a multi-billion-dollar market sector                                                                            that confirms this value.                     


However, there are also many inventors in search of something else.

           Inventors who long to bring forth something more, in service to the beauty of life on this                            planet and our shared humanity. Inventors who want to build something of their own                                    that lasts, and for these inventors, another option is needed.


      From this intention, the Sovereign Revenue Trust Entity® or SRTE® was inspired and created.            


For these inventors and investors, great wealth can also be created; however, from a very different                 intention. By representing a direct reflection of the value of true service rendered, the SRTE®

                   is in service.… to all Creation…with implications for the planet, personal and national                                     sovereignty, and for overall peace by enabling more balanced global power

                                          dynamics amongst all stakeholders in the world we share. 


                               The SRTE® is offered from my heart, in service to the hearts                                                                                           of all inventors and visionaries.


                                                                                                           Barbara Guth

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